Aim and Themes

The aim of the Workshop is to generate a discussion on, and possibly provide countermeasures to, the problem of online information disorder, by providing users access to information that is (topically) relevant and genuine. Given that the problem in recent years has been addressed from various points of view (e.g., fake news detection, bot detection, information genuineness assessment, …), the purpose of this Workshop proposed at ECIR 2023 is to consider these issues in the context of Information Access and Retrieval, also considering related Artificial Intelligence fields such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Computer Vision, Machine and Deep Learning, etc.

For these reasons, the themes of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Access to genuine information
  • Bias detection
  • Bot/spam/troll detection
  • Computational fact-checking
  • Crowdsourcing for information genuineness assessment
  • Deep fakes
  • Disinformation/misinformation detection
  • Evaluation strategies to assess information genuineness
  • Fake news/review detection
  • Harassment/bullying/hate speech detection
  • Information polarization in online communities, echo chambers
  • Propaganda identification/analysis
  • Retrieval of genuine information
  • Security, privacy, and information genuineness
  • Sentiment/emotional analysis
  • Stance detection
  • Trust and reputation
  • Societal reaction to misinformation

Data-driven approaches, supported by publicly available datasets, are more than welcome.